Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gerkinman Started a Blog

Yes he did, and he plans to keep it focused. No e-drama and the like here. This blog will be focused on 3 things.

1: Nimbin Industries Cartoons and Films.
Yes, progress reports on how my cartoons are going. Step by step guides as to how my cartoons are made. Short outlines on future projects. Updates on my comic ventures. All that jazz. Will be updated frequently. As well as any random short videos i make whether it be a lightning storm or some crazy piece of experimental film.

2: Australian Multimedia Festivals
Ill be keeping you guys up to date on upcoming conventions (Such as Supanova and Armageddon) that i will be attending, what stock ill have with me and who else is going that's worth looking into. As well as any upcoming Film Festivals that will be screening my work.

3: How to bring more life into your flash and illustration.
These posts will be highly opinionated, and based on my theories as to what makes a good flash. Ill be using examples from Newgrounds and art communities like DeviantART and SheezyArt. This wont be focused on things like colour or art style, but rather personality which allot of modern cartoons lack. Ill try to get one of these done a week. Also if you want a cartoon of your own broken down and have its strengths and weaknesses explained so that these elements can be worked on and improved in the future you can leave a comment with a link to your work.

Of course, I'm not saying my way is the write or wrong way, its just one persons opinion, but that's what makes opinions fun. What impresses 12 year old Nintendo fan boys might not impress someone running a local film festival or someone looking for concept art for a game.

And yeah, that pretty much sums it up. More as it comes.

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